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The Wolf And the Lamb

The Wolf and the Lamb Actor Call Out

We’re on the lookout for actors to support us with the development of our upcoming short film The Wolf and the Lamb. We are looking for expressions of interest from actors to spend a (paid) day with us for a read through of our new script, feedback and help us shape this new short film, with the view of being cast in the short film production when it happens. 


We are closely monitoring covid-19 guidelines and hope to host this in person at our office in Edinburgh (EH3) in late March/early April.

About Neon Eye

Founded in 2018, Neon Eye Productions Ltd. is an independent video production company based in Edinburgh, Scotland. We produce a diverse range of content, from promotional videos to live event coverage, as well as producing our own short and feature films; including award winning documentary Dolce Caledonia. Their team is made up of Creative Director Calum Mowatt and Senior Producer Polly Cuthbert. 

The Wolf and the Lamb

In Aesop’s fable, The Wolf and the Lamb, a lone lamb drinking from a river is accosted by a deceitful wolf, who uses a series of false accusations as a poorly disguised attempt to justify his slaughtering of the lamb. Despite the lamb’s refutation of each argument, the wolf decides simply to devour the lamb anyway. The lesson: powerless lambs should never trust the words of wicked wolves.

In this present-day reconstruction of Aesop’s original fable, the only wolf to be seen is a painting of the last wolf in Scotland and the only lamb is a roasted leg in an oven dish. Instead, around the dinner table in the kitchen of a cosy Edinburgh flat, are four hungry humans. As the night unfolds, their contrasts, prejudice and world-views are slowly revealed, as we wonder: who’s the wolf and who’s the lamb?

Character Descriptions

SOPHIE, 24, female, Scottish. Having recently moved from the Highlands to Edinburgh for a PhD, Sophie finds herself growing as a person, exposed to exciting new ideas and people, while still being seen as the person she always has been with her hometown boyfriend, Joe. Sophie has arranged a dinner party to bring together the two sides of her life and to let Joe meet her progressive, “intellectual” university friends, Jo and Miles. She just hopes they can all get along.

JOE: 25, male, Scottish. Joe has known Sophie since high school and they’ve always been on the same wavelength about everything. Now, Joe fears they are growing in different directions, with her having moved to Edinburgh for university while he is stuck at home working on his parent’s farm. Joe is anxious about the growing distance in their relationship and is apprehensive about meeting her new friends, Jo and Miles, who he already sees as pompous pseudo-intellectuals.

JO. 25, female, English. Having grown up argumentative, Jo is fulfilling her lifelong ambition of doing a philosophy PhD at the university of Edinburgh, following in her father’s footsteps. Her interests are shamelessly political and sees this dinner party as the perfect opportunity for a debate, especially to figure out what Sophie’s boyfriend is like.

MILES. 29, male, English. Miles is obsessed with the history of philosophy, preferring the exploring older ideas and tradition to Jo’s contemporary activist focus. He fancies himself a modern-day Socrates, trying to unpick his opponents arguments and lead them into a state of puzzlement, while remaining above the discussion on a personal level. He’s excited to finally meet Sophie’s boyfriend and get a debate going with him.


If you are interested, please drop Polly an email on by the 12th March at 5pm with your CV and which character you are interested in. We’ll then send a portion of the script to you and ask you to film a short self tape. 

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