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Founded in 2018, Neon Eye Productions Ltd. is an independent video production company based in Edinburgh, Scotland. 

We love using our passion for videography to help other businesses grow and reach new markets. As a start-up company ourselves, we’re always excited to meet fellow businesses and entrepreneurs, and we relish the opportunity to work on challenging, innovative projects.  


We produce a diverse range of content, from promotional videos to live event coverage, as well as producing our own short and feature films. 


Calum Mowatt

Managing Director and Creative Director 


Below we have broken down our workflow for how we will help translate your ideas to screen, detailing exactly what is involved in each production phase. Throughout the process, we will provide support and transparent communication to ensure that our work is aligned with exactly what you’re looking for. 

Initial Meeting

We like to start with an informal meeting and discuss your goals, expectations, and technical requirements such as timing and budget. Our quotes include a detailed breakdown of the final price, and our transparent pricing policy means there are no surprises.


We work with you to build an effective story. Depending on your project’s requirements, this phase may include: script, storyboarding, location scouting, casting, organising permits, etc. Depending on the project, we find it often works best for the script or video plan to be prepared by our client, although we are happy to provide support and creative input wherever needed to help bring your vision to life.


Our full equipment list includes Sony PXW-FS7 cameras, lenses, a full lighting set - and of course: our own film crew. We typically don’t require third-party equipment rentals, so we can keep our costs contained while producing high quality commercial videos. Our flexible set-up options means that we can cater for all budgets.


Our expert team will turn your footage into a slick professional video. Editing, colour grading, motion graphics, subtitles, voiceover, and music - whatever you need! - this is where the magic happens. You will be able to review the edits throughout each post-production phase.

How we work
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Calum & Caitlin are a joy to work with and their creative input was really helpful. My favourite thing about working with Neon Eye is how easy and quick the communication was.


The best part of working with Neon Eye was the friendliness of the team. I had an excellent experience working with Neon Eye and would definitely work with them again.


How much does a video cost?

It depends on the type of video, duration, and production budget. We are always happy to adapt the scale of the production to your budget. In addition, our quotes include a detailed breakdown, so you know exactly where your money is going.

Do you produce videos for social media? 

We can deliver your videos in multiple formats for all your Social Media needs: Instagram Stories and feed posts, Facebook ads, Facebook posts, and HD format video for your website or YouTube.

What is the turnaround time?

This also depends on the project requirements. Some factors may influence the overall turnaround time, such as the need for animation and motion graphics. The deadline for the project completion is agreed in the contract, so you will know when to expect your finished video. Contact us with details of your project (type of video, expected duration, budget) and we will give you an estimate of the duration of the project.

Can I add animations to my video?

Yes, from simple logo and caption animation to fully-animated explainer videos, we can implement all kinds of motion graphics and animations. Pricing depends on requirements. Please contact us with info about your project and we will be able to provide an accurate quote.

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