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NEON eye's Home cinema

As of September 2020, Neon Eye's Home Cinema is no longer running. But we've kept open our archive for your perusal, so feel free to have a look at some of our old articles and podcasts.

At Neon Eye’s Home Cinema we use the medium of podcast to look back at the history of cinema one filmmaker at a time. Chronicling the story of their life and work, we take a look at what made their films so iconic and how they continue to shape the films we watch today.


Grab your popcorn. Take your seat. And settle into our Home Cinema.

A frame from Fellini's 8 1/2


by Neon Eye

2nd April, 2020

From La Dolce Vita to 8 1/2, Federico Fellini has contributed numerous classics to the world of cinema. His works frequently appear on lists of the greatest films ever made, and he also added the word "paparazzi" to the dictionary.


Beginning with his early life spent in the quiet coastal town of Rimini, Neon Eye's Home Cinema explores Fellini's career. From his early roots in Italian Neorealism to developing his very own iconic - Felliniesque - cinema, we analyse Fellini's ideas on the nature of truth and lies along the way.

Frame from 'Arrival' by Denis Villeneuve, 2016


by Euan Foley

22nd November to 18th December 2019

"If it is just us... seems like an awful waste of space."

Cinema has always been the main medium of choice for such existential extraterrestrial concerns. From the curious and awe-inspiring Close Encounters of the Third Kind, to the wistful and melancholic Arrival, join Neon Eye's Home Cinema expedition into the history of aliens on screen.

Frame from Alfter Hitchcock's 'Vertigo'

LOOKING at women

by Kathryn Cutler-MacKenzie

27th August to 8th October 2019

Laura Mulvey's seminal essay 'Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema' shone a light on the oppressive masculine gaze which so often stood in for the camera lens and subsequently helped pave the way for a reflexive, reactionary feminist cinema.


Beginning with an exploration of the "alluring but dangerous" femme fatale in Gilda through to the oppressed housewife in Jeanne Dielman, Neon Eye's Home Cinema explore how the cinematic medium has grown from a vehicle for oppression to a platform for radical transformation.

Frame from Dario Argento's 'Suspiria'


by Patrick Dalziel

2nd May to 7th June 2019

The curious Italian genre is best remembered for bringing giving directors such as Mario Bava and Dario Argento their first stab at the big screen.


In Neon Eye's Home Cinema's first series we work chronologically through the genre, beginning with Bava's iconic Blood and Black Lace that helped kickstart the movement and finishing with Argento's last Giallo, Opera, while we explore the genre's roots, its key figures and features, and what makes a Giallo a Giallo.

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